Acoustic tape without spacer

tape used for the installation of cardboard-gypsum boards on CW and UW profiles, provides excellent acoustic insulation, vibration damping, is impervious to moisture and air.

Type of adhesive coating:
water-based acrylic adhesive

1. Apparent density, kg/m3 33 ± 5
2. Detachment (at 180°), N/cm 0.2
3. Operating temperature range, ° C -40 … + 70
4. Application temperature, °+15 … + 35

Thickness: 3.0±0.30mm
Roll width: 30mm, 50mm, 70mm, 95mm
Roll length: 30 -0 / + 2 m

Additional information:
The tape has a very strong adhesion to polar materials.
The tape should be stored at a minimum temperature above 5°C – 25°C for approx. 24 hours before application.
Coated surfaces must be dry and free of dust and grease. Weather resistant tape

Collective packaging: PE film


Foam sealing tape based on cross-linked polyethylene, additionally secured with a silicone liner.

Material – physically cross-linked PE foam, self-adhesive on one side
Color – anthracite
Adhesive surface without spacer.