Sealing tape under the counter battens

Sealing tape under the counter-battens used to seal the contact points of the roof membrane, the counter-battens with the roof truss at the point of puncturing the membrane with tackers or staples. The tape compensates for unevenness between the counter batten, membrane and rafter, prevents water from entering the thermal insulation. Resistant to weather conditions.

It seals the places where the roof membrane is pierced with a nail
Levels unevenness between counter battens, roof membrane and roof truss
Resistant to:
aging processes
influence of atmospheric chemistry (e.g. acid rain)
reactions with organic factors
Prevents the risk of water ingress into the thermal insulation through holes caused by puncturing the membrane with nails or staples
Resistance : (-40oC) to (+90oC)
Easy and quick assembly, thanks to the lack of a paper divider – the workplace remains clean.

3. Technical data:
Standard dimensions: 40, 50, 60 mm
Length: 30 m
Hot-melt glue: 34 g/m2
Foam density: 30 kg/m3
Total tape thickness: 3.0 mm +/- 0.15 mm
Temperature resistance range: (-40) (+90) degrees C
Tensile strength: min 1.4 N/cm
Tolerance in strip width: max } 1.5 mm
Belt length tolerance: max – 2%


Self-adhesive polyethylene tape to seal punctures with nails or staples, roof membrane and counter battens with roof truss.