Strapping Tape


Closing, holding, strengthening and securing in the household appliances and furniture industry.



Carrier: MOPP foil

Glue: Natural rubber

Colors: Light blue

Total thickness: 0.077mm

Breaking force: > 400N/25mm

Adhesive strength (steel): 7.0N/25mm

Temperature resistance: -30oC to +80oC (short-term +100oC)

Control standards: ASTM, PSTC

Storage: up to 12 months in a dry and dust-free place at room temper


A tape with appropriately developed adhesive strength is characterized by very high resistance to tearing, stretching, UV radiation and temperatures. Does not leave any adhesive residue after removal from the surface.

Its bright blue color stands out against many surfaces. It is easy to apply and remove from the surface.